Krabi – Indulge in the exotic Thai Bliss

Traveling is one of the very few things that brighten up my spirit! And, it is a bonus if the destination is beside the seaside with my partner, AY – who shares my enthusiasm to travel. Krabi offers a traveler everything that a beach bum craves for – crazy beach parties, water sports, solitude and tranquility. The gorgeous islands of the blessed around the coastal city of Krabi paint a befitting picture postcard!

If there is one word that describes our trip to Krabi best – it would be SUBLIME. Krabi is one of Thailand’s most popular tourist destinations for its massive limestone cliffs, national parks and almost otherworldly beaches. Most of the South East Asia islands are visited by millions of tourists from all across the globe leaving the beaches polluted. But Krabi, despite being a popular beach destination, is pristine and unharmed unlike the other beaches in the region.

AY and I decided to stay on the western part of the Railey Beach. Our research and the brilliant travel agent helped us make this decision! The western side of Railey is quieter and definitely prettier than the Eastern side which is mostly about eateries, hotels and party places. We spent three nights and four days trip to this paradise island and decided to splurge on luxury and spoil ourselves a little. We chose a luxurious Jacuzzi villa in a fancy and almost dream-like resort. Beach bumming in the lap of luxury – Life just does not get any better than this! A few times, taking a narrow lane we used to walk down to the eastern side to eat. The food that we ate everywhere in Krabi was uniformly phenomenal.

Our time in Koh Samui was not exactly laid back and we had partied to our heart’s desire. Both of us decided that our time in Krabi should be spent relaxing on the hammock by the seaside. But, well, for the love of seeing new places – we did end up roaming around quite a lot!

Here is my account for fellow travelers who would want to indulge in all the best things that Krabi offers –

1.   Island Hopping


  • Chicken Island and Tub Island
    There is so much beauty around that island hopping definitely tops the things that one must not miss in Krabi. AY and I took a day trip to the Chicken Island. Interestingly enough, upon reaching the Chicken Island, we realized that the Tub Island was connected to the Chicken Island with a splendorous sand bank! The expanse of white sand dividing the water bodies looked magnificent and surreal.

    We stopped at a shack to have a quick bite and saw a sign board that pointed towards a viewpoint. Intrigued, we chartered our way up the rocky terrain and upon reaching the top – views that welcomed us were remarkable! The turquoise blue water, sandbank, the rocks and cliffs make for the most heavenly and exotic landscapes ever! Back at the beach, the enchanting clear waters were enough to lure us to swim around for hours.

  • Bamboo Island/ Koh Mai Phai

    The Bamboo Island welcomed us with pristine white sandy beach, multiple hues of blue waters and schools of colourful fish to feed. With our snorkeling gears intact, we swam around, admiring the gorgeous sea life and the ever changing colors of the sea. It’s an experience to just spend hours at the Bamboo Island and admire the spectacular natural beauty that it has to offer. Looking for paradise on earth? Bamboo Island is your answer! So, get that beach kit ready and head straight here!

2.  Hike to the Railey Beach Viewpoint

On one of the mornings, AY and I togged up in our sports finery and scrambled our way up the very famous Railay Beach Viewpoint. The hike on the steep hillside with tree roots and rocks serving as a precarious staircase, we reached the top. The climb took us some 15 to 20 minutes and a lot of fun despite being a rocky one! The views of the East and West parts of Railey were extraordinarily stunning which made the climb completely worth it! Hikes and treks make us feel alive and definitely help us cheat on the various desserts that we love to indulge in!

3.  RELAX and take a walk around!

Surrounded by the majestic limestone cliffs, Railey Beach makes for a beautiful spot of just lie down and soak in the gorgeous views all around. We spent majority of our day playing around in sand and swimming in the splendid Andaman Sea. After a scrumptious lunch at the beach, strolling around, hand in hand, we dipped our toes in the clear water and admired the gorgeous nature. This is when we happened to see the Phra Nang Cave or the Princess Cave. The beautiful stalagmites and stalactites formations make this cave an exotic one! Our day at the beach was packed with varied experiences and was nothing short of fantastic!

4.  Explore your adventurous side

  • Kayaking

    Kayaks can be found at every nook and cranny on the Railey Beach. For the love of adventure, AY and I, rented a kayak and paddled our way away! We decided to explore the limestone rocks and cliffs around. It might have taken us a little while to get the grip on the paddles, but the experience was worth the effort. Imagine being on your own in the wide expanse of the Andaman Sea? Simply exquisite!

  • Canoeing
    The Andaman Sea is quite a treasure trove. In order to see more, we got onboard a canoeing tour. The tour took us to the National Park, northwest of Krabi, where we explored the uninhabited bay, caves, tunnels and pretty looking lagoons. Exploring the larger than life wonders of nature on a canoe is an experience that no words can describe. Krabi presented us with experiences that we will cherish for a very long time!

Krabi’s jewel, the Railey Beach proved to be a brilliant place to stay for us, offering us a mix of everything! From towering limestone cliffs, viewpoints, mysterious caves to stunning white sand beaches and the mighty Andaman Sea – Krabi has got every traveler’s needs sorted!

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