The Nine Most Amazing Things to Do in Thailand

Thailand, over the last few decades, has become every traveler’s go-to destination. And, why not! It has everything that a traveler looks for – fun and frolic, adventure, wildlife, relaxation. You name it and Thailand would gladly serve it on a platter for you!

Things To Do In Thailand

We are listing here are a bunch of things that will get you to plan a trip to this gorgeous country – instantly! Drool on…

1. Beach Bumming

Undoubtedly the first and one of the most essential things to do in Thailand ! Unwind, reel in the soft white sand and take a swim in the turquoise blue waters of this paradise-like country.

Though overrun by tourists, you can still find untouched parts in Thailand – such is the magic of this country! Imagine a beach scene with white sand, rustic beach shacks, gorgeous clear waters, and a hammock swaying and calling out your name – That is what Thailand beach scenes are all about.
What are you waiting for? Hurry up and book your trip right away!

2. Scuba Diving in Phuket

With the crystal clear waters housing magnanimous sea life, Thailand tops the list of seasoned Scuba divers and the newbies alike. Phuket is the go to place for all divers and the enthusiasts. With numerous diving schools competing against each other, you will be spoiled for choice. The Diving courses here are relatively cheaper and they are fortunate to have plenty dive sites around the island to show around to the divers. Select one and dive away to the world of squishy creatures!

3. Shopping in Bangkok

Shopping in Bangkok is more than just going out and buying things. It is an experience that demands to be savored. You can shop in some parts of Thailand 24 x 7 – I kid you not!
You will find every kind of market in Thailand – Small, Big and even a floating one!
Before you get all worked up, I am listing down all the markets that should be targeted by every tourist/ shopper. Hit these places for the best deals and experiences in Thailand

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • Malls – Siam Paragon, MBK, Platinum Fashion Mall
  • Khao San Road
  • Damnoen Saduak Market
  • Asiatique the Riverfront
  • Sukhumvit Night Market
  • Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin Night Market
  • Pratunam Market
  • Victory Monument Market

Pro tip – carry a large and empty suitcase with you. You are going to go mad shopping in Bangkok!

4. Massages and Treatments

I am sure that there is nothing more that you will need after a day spent swimming or shopping! The famous Thai massages are famous for the right reasons. The massage therapists in Thailand are gifted. The minute they start working on the sore muscles – you understand that how this has been the thing that you have been missing in life! Dry and oil massages, skin treatments, muscle relaxing massages – you name it and they have it.
It’s such a good feeling to shop all day long and then go for a nice foot massage to end your day right!!!

5. Songkran and The Loi Krathong Festival

Thailand is a culturally rich country and boasts of a variety of festivals. Here are the two festivals that are a sure shot hit and has made to every traveler’s list –


Visiting Thailand in April? Do not be surprised if a bucket full of water is splashed on you! It’s Songkran time of the year after all! Songkran is celebrated on every April 13 to bring in the Lunar Thai New Year and you will be greeted by the locals and the visitors roaming around with squirt guns, buckets full of water and at times water cannons too! It’s one of the happiest times to visit Thailand. If you are dry, that would not last too long – trust me!
So, gear up for one of the world’s biggest water fights. You will be drenched – not just in water but in fun and happiness too!

Loi Krathong Festival

Loi Krathong Festival is the Thai festival of lights. The brightly lit and ornately decorated lanterns floating in the sky is a sight that will stay with you for a lifetime. The lunar Thai calendar sets a date for this festival which usually falls in the month of November.
Traditionally, the banana tree’s trunk and leaves are used to make the “krathong” which is then decorated with beautiful flowers and a tea light. You set them to float in the sea and wish for your troubles to float away with the krathong.
The sky and the waters are brightly lit and the sight is gorgeous beyond words. November is the perfect time to visit Thailand not just because of the amazing weather but also the most interesting time to be a part of Thai festivals.

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6. Full Moon Party

Pulsating Trance. Booze. Techno. Drums & Bass. Neons. Full moon. Crashing waves. Fun.
Full moon party is made up of all this and so much more. People from all over the world plan their trip to Thailand to make sure that they get to experience it! Koh Phangan is flocked with people looking to party on the beachside all night long. Sand, fire and water games and performances along with alcohol will keep you going all night long. So, get your body painted in neon and get into the groove of the night long party. This is an experience which is completely worth it! So, come along, get those tickets booked and wear your party hats!

7. Gorge on good food

If someone asks me that one thing which draws me to Thailand time and again – it is the beaches and the food. Just who does not like Thai food? It’s one of the best cuisines the world has been blessed with.
Every new country that I visit, after a while the craving for Indian food seeps in but not in Thailand! Dominantly, a non vegetarian country but that does not stop us vegetarians to gorge on the delectable cuisine. The locals love their greens just a tad bit too much which works very well for us. Over the years, the locals have become accustomed to hosting Indians who are vegetarians and they have adapted so well. Majority of the dishes laid out on the menu in most of the restaurants have a vegetarian option too.
The distinct flavors will turn every human into a foodie. Wait not, head straight to the heaven of amazing food – Thailand!

Things to do in Thailand

These are only a bunch of things that I have put down in the blog. Thailand is a treasure trove that deserves many blog posts and even then the brilliance of this place would not be completely justified.

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Happy reading!

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