Let’s get to the Tunnels!

Let’s take a virtual tour (which can later turn into a real tour!) to the amazing artwork of nature. These days we talk about the exorbitant wonders created by man but take a break! Can you even think of crossing the wonders of nature? Never! To pick from the in-numerous nature-works, I chose to pick tunnels this time.

Intriguing tunnel, isn’t it?

As a child I always loved to enter tunnels- dark tunnels, ghost tunnels, water tunnels and so on. But these tunnels that I have found out! It is a great joy to even know that they exist. So, let’s take a walk together under the sweeping tree branches and flowers dangling over our heads.

1. Wisteria Tunnel, Tochigi, Japan

Beautiful Wisteria Tunnel| Credits: Andrew Spiering

Wisteria is one of the eight seasonal chapter chains of Ashikaga Flower Park in Japan. The flower park is a beloved tourist attraction of Tochigi, home to multiple varieties of wisteria. Wisteria that hangs in grape like clusters is believed to be one of Japan’s oldest flowering trees. The 80 meter tunnel with the most beautiful purple wisteria flowers dangling overhead seems like falling from the sky. Admire the splendid beauty under these lovely flowers.

2. Gingko Tree Tunnel, Tokyo, Japan

Gingko Tree Tunnel| Photo Credits: news.xinhuanet.com

Gingko tree is the most venerated tree in Japan. There were these six Gingko trees that survived the brunt of Hiroshima bombing thus earning a title, “bearer of hope” for the particular species of the tree. The trees are well alive till date and the number of gingko bilobas has risen to approximately 65,000 that now adorn Japan’s streets, gardens and parks. This beautiful tunnel of gingko bilobas is located in the outer garden of Meiji Shrine in Tokyo.

3. Yew Tree Tunnel, Wales, UK

Yew Tunnel at Aberglasney Wales, England

In 1710, Robert Dyer had purchased the Aberglasney Estate along with the promenade garden. He further added yew trees in the gardens. It is said that over the years, the trees grew taller than the mansion itself and bent down forming arches. But it looked very unmanaged and aghast and that’s when the pruning started. It took nine long years to make a proper and presentable walkway through the trees. Today these trees are fused in a way that it’s impossible to count them!

4. Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Germany

Cherry Blossom Street, Bonn

It’s such an inviting sight of cherry flowers in their full bloom! Cherry blossom trees are planted on both sides of the streets in Bonn city of Germany. Each spring these trees bloom with beautiful dark pink flowers turning the street into a flower tunnel. Espying this enchanting sight is not that easy as the trees only bloom for about a week.

5. Tree Tunnel, West Sussex, England

The Roman Road| Image Source: dailyfresher.com

Running along England’s coast, this tree tunnel is unique with its tube shape. Being called a Roman Road in past, it offers many Roman archaeological sites in the nearby areas and leads to a spectacular windmill, village and coast. Plan a trip to Halnaker in West Sussex to witness this distinctive wonder of nature.

6. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges| Photo Credits: Pete Heck

Remember Game of Thrones, the popular TV show? It was shot at none other than Dark Hedges of Antrim. It is said that James Stuart had planted 150 beech trees long back in 18th century that led up to his estate, Gracehill House to impress his guests while approaching his splendid property. Recently in 2012, the private ownership of these trees was turned over to The Dark Hedges Preservation Fund to protect and preserve this unique and beautiful tree line.

7. Sena de Luna, Spain

Tree Tunnel: Sena de Luna, Spain

This ultra beautiful tree tunnel in Castile and León region of Spain is a peaceful heaven-like place to see. It is located in the scarcely populated village of Sena de Luna with not more than 500 residents. Not much information is available about it though. Perhaps it’s one of those places that is best kept without words. So plan a trip here and explore it yourself.

8. Tunnel of Love, Klevan, Ukraine

Tunnel of Love| Image Credits: Leon Watson

Read the name! A look at it and am already in love with this tunnel. This unique passage of thick green foliage exists along a train track at Klevan that carries wood to a nearby woodworking plant. The alongside trees are allowed to grow naturally here, thus creating such an incredible artwork. People believe that this tunnel grants the wishes of true lovers who cross this path. Guys watch out for the train timing before you enter it.

9. Monterey Cypress Tree Tunnel, California

Cypress Tree Tunnel| Image Credits: Lisa Fiedler

Monterey Cypress Tree Tunnel is one of the most spectacular areas in north San Francisco. Located in the Point Reyes National Seashore, it is famous for its distinctive landscapes. These beautiful Cypress trees have taken this shape from the strong winds of Pacific Coast. Landmark to reach here is the historic RCA Coast Station, a wireless telegraph station that was used to tap Morse code messages from ships and shores in early 20th century.

10. Rua Goncalo de Carvalho, Brazil

Green Cover visible from Above

This particular tree tunnel caught my admiration. More than 100 Tipuana trees planted at Rua Goncalo de Carvalho form a tree tunnel over three blocks at Porto Alegre in Brazil. These trees have covered the entire road from above. And because of this green cover, the climate of the area is understandably pleasant and ‘healthy’. These trees were planted by the residents over several decades and when some ‘developers’ decided to start construction by cutting some trees in 2005, the residents stood strongly against this and subsequently, the officials had to drop the plans. Later in 2006, this street was recognized as a part of country’s historical, cultural, ecological and environmental heritage.

Rua Goncalo de Carvalho, Brazil| Image Courtesy: prafulla.net

So these were some of the most amazing natural tunnels according to me. I would be more than happy if you could add to this list of beautiful tunnels by writing in the comments box below.

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