On your bikes! Get, Set, Go!

Vroom, vrOOm, VROOM!

Warning: This article is not for the “softies”! It’s for people who are really in for some… urr… for everything about adventure.

These days travel is not just to see a destination. People are looking forward for unique experiences. And the number of tourists has substantially increased over the past few years who want a tinge of adventure in every tour. Motorbike tourism is now establishing its foothold in India. With India’s vast and varied terrains, the land holds a great appeal to bikers. So, gear up for an adventurous trip this time on saddi zameen– India!

Gear up for some real adventure.. Image Source: Sport Wallpapers

1. Ride the highest roads in the world to Leh, Zanskar, Spiti and Ladakh

The undoubted first rank for a bike tour or an adventure tour goes to Leh and Ladakh trip. The dramatic changes in scenery are amazing to experience. Starting from commercial city Delhi to the planned city of Chandigarh, reaching lush green hills of Manali and finally driving through barren landscapes of Leh is an exciting fun in itself. Consider that the roads you are on are open for just 4 months in a year and keep snowbound for rest 8!

It’s a soul refreshing, rather soul ‘renewing’ drive in Leh-Ladakh. The place is truly a ‘Residence of Gods’.

You are on the most challenging roads of the world! Vroom through the world’s highest and most scenic roads including Khardung La, the world’s highest motorable pass. It’s the ultimate challenge for both bikes and bikers. The crystal clear atmosphere, unique peace all around, the freshest of airs you’ll breathe… it’s just beyond words. Just the roar of your Royal Enfield! Explore ancient landscapes and lovely culture, befriend the locals and taste the flavour and depth of India.

Bike ride is always a pleasure for adventurists and sport lovers. Image Source: lehladakhindia.com

There is no doubt in me stating that it would be “The Ride of your Life”. Why? One- it is not easy by any means. Two- you are at the highest altitudes starting 15000 feet going up to more than 18000 feet! Three- you can’t determine how many miles you’ll cover in a day as it all depends on the roads and the weather conditions. Four- there are only a few places where you can stay en-route. And thus, it is going to be the most challenging and rewarding trip of your life.

Motorbiking in Leh Ladakh is the ultimate dream of mountain bikers. Source: theholidayindia

For a Himalayan expedition like this, solid riding skills, a true sense of adventure and flexibility are a must. You are going to drive for days, cover about 2000 kms and face major altitude differences. Not to forget that road conditions vary unimaginably from freshly-paved to extreme rough tracks. Pass through enormous glaciers, majestic lakes and move up to the wild, rugged valleys and reach the white sand desert.

Get acquainted with the local people and lovely children. Image Source: kamzang.kom

2. Expedition into the Unexplored Paradise of India

Let’s talk about the other side of the Himalayas. A tour to the mystical beauty of North East India does not stand any chance to be missed while mentioning about the best adventure tours of India. Mainly Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are a part of it considering the prevailing political and communal disturbances in rest of the area. A simple check post welcomes you to Assam, and the roads will be good, then bad, worse and then finally, pathetic. If you still want to read further, you are an adventurist at heart. Not many people read ahead the word ‘pathetic’. 

For the tough people, there is nothing like good or bad; it’s just adventurous.

When your bike cries for mercy, show her the surroundings, the stunning sceneries and she will have the encouragement to go further. It’s a fantastic ride with a true greenery all around. Take a break at some dhaba and you would meet lovely friendly locals who are so much ready to make dal- roti for you! Cross the mighty Brahmaputra with full roar of your bike.

Imagine the thrill!! All Credits: Hrishi at xbhp.com

Guwahati is a gateway to the north-east region of India from where you get to the eastern most state of India, Arunachal Pradesh. As the meaning of the name, ‘the land of the Dawn-lit Mountains’, it carries a unique charm to it that will pull you towards itself. From mighty Himalayas to miles-wide flat river basins, thick jungles to sandy plains, Arunachal has the most diverse landscape that India offers. The forces of nature is extra-strong here that can be realised when you see the condition of the roads.

Nerves tickling? Image Source: One Crazy Ride

Plan for it only if you wish to ride on slush, sand, rain, jungle dirt tracks, rocky river beds and nothing that looks familiar to ‘road’. But one thing is for sure- you’ll return a new person- renewed, refreshed and with a new view towards life. It will be One Crazy Ride of your life. You are an extreme adventure seeker if this route is really getting on your nerves. Sorry I dint mention the rickety bridges that you would be crossing on your bike. On your tour, you would meet tribes and get to know their culture and lifestyle. You would see huge Buddhist temples and then you would enter villages where Gods are either Nature or the Sun or the Moon. At every turn of the tour, you’ll explore, you’ll discover.

Making way through toughs, is making way to ‘live’. Image Source: 2wheelsindia.com

3. Roller Coaster Ride to Goa & South India

Bye-bye to the roads that made your bike cry and your heart miss a beat. Welcome to inviting beaches around Goa and Southern India. Carry your Enfield, Bullet, Honda or light scooters, and jeeps… anything you want. The roads are not going to fight with your motor (well, not the fights as of Leh-Ladakh and Assam-Arunachal routes!). This route is a hot favourite for Westerners.  You can take an adventurous trip to Goa’s countryside and gorgeous beaches. Drive into the jungles, sleep in the jungle camp, and spend an unforgettable night on the warm sand beaches with buckets of beer and crackling campfire.

A biker once stated- My bike is my home, my bed, my companion and my rider.

After unwinding on the white beaches of Goa, proceed to the southern side of India. Fascinating experiences await you with an exotic environment and plenty of variety.

South India tour has loads to offer. Whether it is the beautiful temples of Hampi or the wild water rafting of the Western Ghats, hike to the amazing Jog Falls surrounded by dense jungles or reaching the mystical Hindu cave temples at Badami, the tour is going to be a deep dive into the culture and lifestyle of yet another part of our country. Kerala will delight you with an exotic mix of relaxing backwaters and striking beaches.

Live life with a difference! Image Source: Royal Bike Riders

A romantic ride through endless tea and coffee plantations, exciting hike to beautiful hill stations or a drive amidst the busy bazaars of Mysore or … the list goes endless because for a biker, he goes where the road takes him. Trip along the East Coast Road running hugging the seashore right from Chennai to Pondicherry is just amazing. Get the road maps right, select routes that are still unexplored yet offer an exciting blend of adventure, culture, scenery and lots and lots of discoveries.

What’s the fun without the tinge of terror! Source: motorcycleexpeditions

Aakhir darr ke aage hi toh jeet hai!

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