Things to do in Mauritius

Owing to its exquisite seashores, Mauritius has a reputation of being amongst the best beach destinations in the world. The dreamy setting of this island country makes it a favourite among couples and most people plan a honeymoon in Mauritius. Although it is idyllic for the lovebirds, it packs plenty of attractions for families and backpackers. When it comes to suggesting top things to do in Mauritius, it becomes too difficult to summarise it simply because the destination has so much to offer.

Hike in the Black River Gorges National Park

Spanning over 6,794-hectare, the Black River Gorges National Park is covered by a magnificent forest. Hike along the trails to explore the indigenous plants and exotic wildlife. Go up to the highest mountain of Mauritius on the Black River Peak trail or explore the scenery along the Maccabee Trail.

Excursion at Blue Bay

Hop on a glass-bottomed boat and set off the Blue Bay to watch the outstanding underwater world in the marine park. Or visit the Iles des Deux Cocos, a private island off the coast of Blue Bay, and explore the stunning beauty of the area. You can even go snorkelling on your Mauritius adventure holiday to explore the exotic marine life.

Be a beach bum

A vacation in Mauritius is mostly about the stupefying beaches that fringe the island. The nation boasts of the world’s finest beaches such as casuarina-fringed Trou aux Biches, white beauty Mont Choisy, captivating Belle Mare Beach, spectacular cove of Péreybère and the La Cuvette beach in the north as well as the splendidly rugged beaches of southern Mauritius. Although all the beaches are incredibly beautiful, delve into the charm of Le Morne while kitesurfing over the ocean.

Marvel at Chamarel coloured earth

Chamarel is an extraordinary sight where purple, orange, yellow, red and other colours splash to form a natural phenomenon. The stupendous area is believed to have been formed millions of years ago due to volcanic activities caused by different rock stratas cooling at varying speeds. While the coloured earths are fascinating, the drive is equally amazing as the route is dotted with several waterfalls and gorges. Walk up to different vantage points for impressive panoramas of the area.

Visit the Pamplemousses Gardens

One of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, the Pamplemousses Gardens was established in the 18th century. It is renowned for its collection of plants, of which most are endemic to the island and others have been brought in from around the world. The most iconic plants found here include the giant Amazon lilies and the talipot palm that flowers every 60 years and then dies.

Absorb the culture and traditions

During your Mauritius tour, you will find the island country to be an intriguing fusion of distinct cultures. The rich diversity of culture, traditions and languages in Mauritius make it an interesting place. Across the island, you will discover many temples, churches, Chinese pagodas and mosques. Listen to the local folklore and watch the lively Sega dance.

Visit Casela Bird Park

The fabulous bird park houses around 90 aviaries spanning over 61 acres by the Rempart Mountain in the Southwestern Mauritius. Approximately 150 species of birds flock around the park and while some are native inhabitants, others have been brought in from five continents. One of the most unique and rarely seen bird, the pink pigeon is the major draw to this bird park.

Discover Le Souffleur

The untamed southern coast is home to the spectacular rock formations at Le Souffleur. And instead of a sandy beach or a lagoon, this coast is lined by unusual rocks carved naturally into various shapes – amongst them the most popular is the one shaped like a witch. Walk for about 15 minutes to the east from Le souffleur to get to the natural bridge which was formed by the collapse of a sea cave.

Tour Rodrigues Island

Located about 550 km from the island of Mauritius, this small, rugged, island has an idyllic setting. It offers numerous water sport activities ranging from hiking and ziplining to diving, deep sea fishing and kitesurfing. Moreover, the lavish white sand on the shore calls for a relaxing day. Also, you must visit the Giant Tortoises Park to spend a day among friendly tortoises.

So jet set and enjoy your Mauritius holidays with these attractions.

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